We believe in the power of connection

We connect research with strategy, and data with insights so we can effectively connect our clients with their customers.

We deliver measurable, integrated communication campaigns with a digital focus that help our clients reach more people, in more meaningful ways. We understand how to get brands in front of the right people at the right time, because we know where they’re going to be, not just where they are right now.


Our omnichannel expertise allows us to expand as wide as through-the-line communication campaigns or aim as narrow as a one-channel strategy, covering an extended range of services.
  • Integrated

    Media strategy, media mix, special projects, digital deployment

  • Media planning
    and buying

    TV, digital, radio, OOH, print, cinema, sponsorships, event activations

  • Digital

    Full services with focus on performance and data

  • Market and consumer

    Market trends and analysis, consumer insights, audience segmentation

  • Data and analytics

    Econometric modelling, digital analytics

  • Business consultancy

    Brand management, marketing strategy, budget scaling, digital transformation


Our superpower lies in our team of interrelating competencies. We connect with each other’s viewpoints and build on each other’s ideas to get to places we would never reach in just one mind.

Dana Bulat

General Manager

Manuela Vasiliu

Managing Director

Anca Bacaianu

Head of Strategy and Research

Dragos Andronache

Head of Digital

Nicolae Stancu

Head of Planning

Lavinia Buzi

Buying Director

Madalina Ionescu

TV Buying Director

Dana Constantin

Media Account Director

Carmen Mihaiu

Head of E-comm and Performance

Catalina Ciociltan

Digital Strategy Director


Sky’s the limit to what we can do when we team up with our clients. We’ve managed campaigns for more than 200 brands, in some of the most challenging categories on the market. We’ve expanded our coordination capabilities regionally to the Balkans and CEE. We have a history of delivering growth, revenue, and new thinking.
Portfolio brands


We don’t like to brag: our industry awards speak for themselves. But it’s not about the list of prizes or number of accolades but about what’s behind each one of them: a remarkable story of connecting our clients’ brands with their customers.
Awards brands
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We speak

United Interactive is the digital marketing arm of United Media Services.

Being part of UMS gives us a broader perspective, allows for integrated thinking and through-the-line capabilities that make us one of a kind.


We’re energised by solving digital challenges irrespective of their apparent complexity. All our team members are digital artisans with cross-disciplinary capabilities.

We’re skilled at engaging audiences and converting clicks to customers to ultimately deliver tangible sales results.


We believe in continuous learning and are motivated to know the digital landscape inside out. We are a certified Google Premier Partner, with multiple individual certifications.

Google ADS Certifications

Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Ads Measurement Certification
Google Ads Measurement Certification
Google Ads Video Certification
Google Ads Video Certification
Shopping Ads Certification
Shopping Ads Certification
Google Ads Apps Certification
Google Ads Apps Certification

Google Marketing Platform Certifications

Search Ads 360 Certification
Search Ads 360 Certification
Campaign Manager Certification
Campaign Manager Certification
Display & Video 360 Certification
Display & Video 360 Certification
Google Analytics Qualification
Google Analytics Qualification

Facebook blueprint certifications

Facebook Blueprint Certified Media Planning Professional
Facebook Blueprint Certified Media Buying Professional
Facebook Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Proficiency in designing Facebook media strategies that align to business goals and marketing plans
Proficiency in campaign management to reach business goals required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger
Proficiency in the skills, tools, advertising policies and best practices required to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger


Our drive to provide best-in-class services, from highly specialized e-commerce and analytics, to creative social media and influencer solutions, to complex integrated strategies, has enabled us to become one of the leading digital communication consultants on the market.

Digital Strategy

We know preparation is key and believe a smart digital strategy is the best way to plan for success. Our omnichannel thinking helps us address any business challenge with a customized digital strategy that sets the tone for a results-oriented campaign.


E-commerce is the new commerce and here optimization is the name of the game. We have direct access to any customer profile we may need to address. We don’t shy away from a challenging ROI or ROAS target. Where applicable, we input business data – seasonality, product margins, or revenue – into our strategies to maximize total overall returns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We work with our clients to improve the performance of their websites. We break down the customer journey from click through to buying decision and intervene in pain points to get to substantial increases in sales.


With automation, the ad buying, placement, and optimization processes are more efficient and effective, allowing us to access any digital format or channel and to only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time. Through established partnerships with the biggest local publishers, we ensure brand safety and maximum efficiency.


Through Search Engine Optimization, we can significantly improve the visibility of a web site in search results, creating the opportunity for more traffic and potentially more transactions. Our digital experts are skilled in working with platforms’ changing algorithms to increase the relevance of website content against popular search categories.

Data & Analytics

Data is the new currency and knowing how to use it effectively is the key to gaining competitive edge. We work with large data sets to get to valuable, actionable insights. Whether it’s to evaluate the impact of a campaign, to streamline the user journey, or to inform strategic business decisions, understanding data is essential. From Google Analytics Set-up, to Enhanced E-commerce Set-up, to Tag Manager and Data Studio Reporting, you name it, we have it!

Content Marketing

Great storytelling makes the difference between a great brand and an exceptional one. Our specialized creatives know how to tell brand stories for maximum online visibility and impact, while our extended network of bloggers, vloggers, and influencers contribute with original content that creates strong, lasting bonds with consumers.

We're here to grow your business

We are here for the long run and have been recognized as reliable partner of many successful global and Romanian brands.
We’ve made a purpose out of driving growth through an integrated communication approach. We are results focused and performance minded because we know outcome and process are inextricably linked.


The road from our independent start in 2006 to becoming a significant player on the market has made us bold, rational, and adaptable. We like to always start from YES. We believe there’s no problem without a solution and this is the mindset we take to our clients. We define our success through their successes, and we deeply believe we can, and we will succeed together.


Every client is one of a kind, that’s why customization is key to our method. Our internal process involves reframing any business challenge until we get to the most fitting solution for our clients’ specific contexts. Applied creativity through a mix of divergent and convergent thinking is our secret ingredient, allowing us to be both disruptive and effective in our problem solving.


Each of our client relationships tells a story of achievement, great human connection, and ideas exchange. We take our role as adviser seriously. Transparency has been an essential pledge throughout all our client partnerships. Our solid collaborations with media providers help us add value to our clients’ campaigns.


We are fully committed to making a difference to our clients’ businesses and that shows. We are proud of our client retention rates and our exceptional new business record that have been officially recognised in industry rankings. We score high in quality, vitality, and growth. In addition, our business is consistently audited by local and international independent auditors.


We are always looking for talented people to expand our team. These are our current openings. If you think if you have what it takes, send us an email with your CV at monica.georgescu[@]unitedmedia.ro .
  • Analytics & Insights Specialist

    If you like using automated tools for data extraction, analysis, love statistics and analyzing reports, than this is the right spot for you.

    See the detailed job description.

  • Web Tracking & Integration Specialist

    You love working with analytics tools and data tracking or do integrations with CRM tools or maybe you are a Google Tag Manager guru, then you should apply now.

    See the detailed job description.

  • PPC Specialist

    PPC platforms don't have any secrets for you? Does your heart pumping faster when you successfully set an event in GA? Apply now to join our passionate PPC Team!

    See the detailed job description.

We are United Media Services, a digitally minded full-service media agency with offices in Bucharest and regional coordination capabilities. It’s in our nature to join the dots between technology, information, and people.